Dealcorp Office

High quality and  detailed professional office fitout.



This project represents a modern, efficient workspace which successfully fulfils a range of requirements. From the practical – such as excellent and space efficient built in storage – to the healthy – with greenery providing a two stage benefit of biophilic principles and acting as a way to provide privacy to individual workstation to allow for uninterrupted work.


The client also requested an aforementioned sense of luxury, sophistication and attention to detail that is often not seen in office and workplace fitouts, which primarily preference cost and short construction turnaround as their leading requirements. For this office a careful, considered balance of hotel-like luxury, premium residential feel and smart, clean workplace feel is established, allowing the entire space to fit together thematically while still providing for a variety of functions, visitors and uses. With a sense of timeless elegance imbued throughout the workplace, this project will stand the test of time, providing the client a true expression of their culture and ethos, a great place to work, and an impressive experience for visitors. - Credit plus Architecture & Crema Constructions.



Plus architecture

Crema Constructions